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When you are planning to sell a property, you are advised to make sure that it has no, or at least identified, asbestos within. Even though the use of asbestos has been phased out since 1990 and was banned entirely in 2003, most Australian properties built before 1987 are highly likely to contain asbestos.

Furthermore, based on research, the presence of asbestos materials may significantly decrease your property’s value. The decrease of property value with asbestos could be as high as 10-30% under average properties without asbestos. Moreover, it takes more time to sell properties with asbestos than other comparable properties without it.

If you believe that your property has asbestos, contact Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast today. We are a reliable and competent asbestos removal service provider who strive to deliver exceptional quality services to all of our clients.

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  • We deliver quality services at a great value: Our team of experts are eager to give excellent asbestos removal services to meet your needs and expectations. We will openly discuss our working plan to fit your budget.
  • We do all types of projects: We can handle all types of asbestos removal works, regardless of the scope of the project. Our team of experts can do all types of asbestos jobs as they are fully B-class Licensed. They are capable of handling asbestos materials from residential to commercial level.
  • Your health and safety are our highest priority: We put your health and safety as their highest priority. Our team of experts will remove dangerous asbestos products at your premises and handle them with care.

Asbestos: History and Uses

Unquenchable or inextinguishable was the meaning of the word that is now known as asbestos. At first, its’ ability to resist heat, making this material suitable for making pots and other cooking utensils. Asbestos materials have been used for more than 4000 years, where the first evidence of their use was found near the Juojärvi Lake, Finland. While in Egypt, an asbestos cloth was made to wrap embalmed bodies of Egyptian pharaohs to protect the bodies from deterioration.

The productions of this harmful material had grown worldwide by the early 1900s. Germany issued the first patent of asbestos cement sheets in 1899. Austria followed by developing high-pressure asbestos gaskets in 1900. And Italy made its’ first asbestos pipes in 1913. The development of asbestos materials grew rapidly until an Austrian doctor found one of his patients suffered pulmonary troubles due to asbestos inhalation in the late 1900s.

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Australia has banned the use of all types of asbestos on 31 December 2003. However, there are still plenty of asbestos products widely used in Australian properties due to the past popularity of this material. This harmful substance was usually mixed with other materials, such as cement, to produce a better quality product. You can find asbestos products everywhere; including in piping, roofing, sheet flooring and even behind your walls.

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing on Sunshine Coast. Always be smart and be safe.

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Asbestos Removal Services

Performing an Initial Inspection

Asbestos is invisible to the naked eyes. That’s why the only way to find out whether your premises contains asbestos is to have all suspect materials checked. Our team of professionals will take samples from suspect materials and have them tested.

Asbestos Removal

To safely remove asbestos from your premises, our teams will wear safety gear and prepare proper equipment. Before conducting any asbestos removal work, they will cover the working spaces to prevent wider contamination.

Our team may perform the following processes:

  • Containment: We will seal off the contaminated rooms to prevent airborne asbestos fibres from spreading to other areas.
  • Removal: Our Asbestos Removal Specialists Sunshine Coast Team will perform all of the asbestos removal processes in the most secure manner. Our team will also securely seal the waste bags and dispose of the asbestos waste lawfully.
  • HEPA Rated Vacuuming: After the asbestos removal process is completely done, the removalists will clean the room and make sure that there is no debris left behind.
  • Air Sampling: When required, our team will check the contamination level of asbestos fibres in the air. We will perform sampling and make sure that the entire area is safe for reoccupation.

Disposal Of All Waste in an EPA-Approved Site

Our Asbestos Disposal Sunshine Coast Team will dispose of asbestos waste in a landfill site that is approved by the local city council.

Asbestos Removal For All Property Sectors

We provide asbestos removal service across various types of buildings including commercial, industrial and residential. It doesn’t matter what building you suspect asbestos to be in, whether it be your house, office or commercial site, nothing should be left to chance. Whether you know for certain that you have asbestos problems or you want to be sure, getting our Removal Team to perform the work will mean that you are definitely covered. No more dangerous DIY attempts.

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