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Find Asbestos in Your House!

Asbestos is the most common material used in the 1980’s building. It was famous for its outstanding abilities including heat resistant, strength, and insulation properties. Asbestos can be found easily in older homes. It is mixed into many kinds of product. One of the uses of asbestos is as cement product mixtures. There were numerous asbestos cement products being used in buildings.

where you can find an asbestos

James Hardie & Co. Pty Ltd. was the most productive asbestos cement producer. They produced numerous trade names of asbestos cement products. Below is the trade names of asbestos cement products list which was produced by James Hardie & Co. Pty Ltd. 

Do you find it familiar?

  • Hardiflex
  • Hardiplank
  • Villaboard
  • Versilux
  • Harditherm
  • Compressed
  • Drain Pipe
  • Super Six
  • Highline
  • Shadowline
  • Coverline
  • Roofing Accessories
  • Pressure Pipe

Well if you find that these cement brands are familiar, try to examine the rest of the household products! Asbestos came in many forms. You can find it almost everywhere in older buildings. Therefore, look at the list below to identify asbestos products in your house.

  • Exterior: Flat, patterned and corrugated roof sheeting; Flat patterned and corrugated wall; Lining under eaves; Imitation brick cladding.
  • Living areas: Asbestos cement sheeting under heater hearths; Insulation in wood heaters.
  • Laundry, toilet and bathroom: Hot water pipes; Asbestos cement sheeting in ceilings, walls and floors; Lagging on hot water pipes.
  • Kitchen area: Hot water pipes; Backing to cushion vinyl flooring; Vinyl floor tiles.
  • Backyard: Dog kennels; Carports and garages; Garden sheds.
  • Other: Heatproof mats; Ironing board covers; Electrical meter boards.

Actually, you can’t really tell whether a product in your home contains asbestos or not. Asbestos dust can’t be seen with the naked eyes. The only thing you can be 100% sure that you own an asbestos product is by having it tested. You must take enough amount of samples and test them at a laboratory. Only a laboratory with NATA certification can handle the testing safely.

Always keep in mind that dealing with an asbestos product is different from a regular product. The asbestos product can release fibre dust that may lead to severe lung illnesses if inhaled. It is so dangerous because there’s still no cure to heal the diseases.

What are the diseases?

  • Mesothelioma: This kind of cancer affects the lining of the pleura (outer lung lining) or the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity). In this case, crocidolite contributes most to the development of this disease. However, amosite, chrysotile and tremolite are also linked to mesothelioma.
  • Lung cancer: Lung cancer is highly related with asbestos. Nevertheless, It seems like there’s no difference between an asbestos lung cancer and a lung cancer caused by smoking or even any other kind of lung cancer.
  • Asbestosis: Asbestosis is able to make impairment to our respiratory system that is similar with lung cancer. It makes the widespread of interstitial fibrosis in the body, which is a scar tissue underneath the alveoli in the lungs.

Asbestos dust caused many more lung diseases. Thus, you must protect yourself from being exposed to the fibre dust. The only way to completely save yourself from such hazard is by removing the product safely. The safest way to remove it is by using a professional service.

All renovation and demolition projects must be initiated with asbestos testing and removal. It is better for you to follow the applicable regulations made by the Government to avoid criminal charges and fines. Even though, you can remove asbestos product less than 10 square metres by your own, you still have to do it properly!

You can find a lot of professional contractors who are involved in asbestos removal work here at Sunshine Coast. Easily find the most suitable professional removalist to solve your asbestos problem. It is better for you to take the Government’s advise to ask professional assessors to conduct the jobs.

Don’t be hasty when it comes to safety. You must put your safety as your highest priority.

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