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Your Complete Guide to Renovate a Bathroom

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? Bathroom renovation is a delicate construction work. It is essential to keep in mind that every change we make will have impacts on the design, functionality and usage of this important room in a house.

In order to get the best results, and of course to optimize your expenses, it is very important to follow these 7 steps to get an efficient bathroom renovation.


Complete Guide in bathroom renovation


1. Choice of sanitation

In a bathroom renovation, it is important to consider where the drainage connection is located as well as the water load (cold/hot water pipes). Avoiding moving these pipes would be a great way to shorten the timing of the jobs and cut the spending budget.

  • Toilet and bidet: The former installed toilet and bidet probably have a greater aesthetic impact; they do not require silicone closures (over time). However, generally they have higher costs and require sufficiently thick walls inside to place drainage pipes. Traditional floor-to-floor sanitary appliances are cheaper and more practical (due to their ability to connect pipes to both ground and wall) but give less aesthetic impact. Regardless of the aspect you wish to choose, aesthetic or practical, it is good to make this type of choice since the beginning of the bathroom renovation. It could help you to decide on what to do with the durability and type of hydraulic intervention needed.
  • Washbasin: There are mainly three types of washbasin on the market:
    1. Column is generally the cheapest, although hygienically less practical than other types. In fact, the accumulation of dust and the lack of space in the back of the structure make it unworkable.
    2. The suspended ceiling, which is also inexpensive, will allow you to clean the underlying floor easier. It is also possible to hide the pipes inside the structure.
    3. Floor-boat support is definitely a modern and trendy choice with an impact design that can give an identity to your bathroom. You can choose a faucet as a counter to support the washbasin. For this structure, in fact, it is necessary to buy, in most cases, high barrel taps – which generally more expensive.

2. Bath or shower?

If you really can not decide on which one to install, why don’t you choose it based on the space available in the bathroom? The shower installation will certainly be a more practical and dynamic option – moreover it would be easier if you had older people within the family. If the size of the room permits, installing a standard bath or a combined solution (bath with shower function) could also be a good alternative.


3. The eye wants its part

Let’s say the truth: a room like the bathroom must certainly satisfy our practical needs, without however neglecting our desire. The advice for a great bathroom renovation is therefore to allocate a part of our budget for furniture, mirrors and lights. These three aspects, if jointly harmonized, are actually able to provide a remarkable improvement output. And if the eye really wants its part, create an aesthetic feeling by painting the bathroom walls. Specifically, the use of light-colored paints could really give this part of home, a real relaxing atmosphere.


4. Circulation of the environment

Does your bathroom already have escape routes for steam water and air? A window (or the installation of a ventilation system in the absence of windows) is an essential part in the bathroom renovation project to allow proper air circulation in the room. In this case, it will be great to apply a transpiring paint to the walls of the room. This will increase a real investment to prevent molds from growing even in view of the high levels of water vapor created within the bath itself.


5. Heating system

The heating system of the bathroom is a fundamental aspect that can strongly affects your quality of living. If you are facing a malfunctioning system or simply looking for a better heating system, the possible solutions can be different.

  • Tubular radiators (also called towel warmers) could represent a possible space alternative that allows us to warm the environment as well as our bath towels – it can also save the energy consumption. These wall radiators are generally made up of tubular bars available in different materials and sizes.
  • In addition, according to our needs, you can choose towel rail connectable to the hydraulic, electrical or mixed systems. Alternatively, where the bathroom was part of a complete renovation project of your home, the installation of underfloor heating could be an advance choice to provide hygienic, temperature and, of course, increase the comfort of your living.


6. Waterproofing

Floors and bath linings are definitely important to be focused on. Proper waterproofing of walls and wall coverings can avoid late (and expensive) repair work. The advice is to waterproof not only the sanitary but also the walls and wall coverings, for example by using waterproofing sheaths and resins.


7. Compliance with applicable laws

When renovating a bathroom, you must comply with the applicable regulations. Generally, most bathroom renovations do not require special permissions except, for example, for wall and / or relative floor plan modifications. In both cases these operations must comply with three types of legislation: municipal, regional and national. This includes the inspection of asbestos in the bathroom. This will certainly not be a problem if you have a professional to do it for you. A pro will in fact, if necessary, submit the potential plans or other necessary documentation to the land registry and relevant parties.

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