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Asbestos in a building: How & where to check?

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were popular until people realized that they cause deadly lung diseases. Due to their negative effects on human health, these materials were completely banned in 2003. You can’t tell the presence of ACMs by just looking at them. But you can look for some signs. Signs that your house or working space may have contained ACMs include pipes that have gray or white remnants and old flooring tiles in a 9-inch by the 9-inch pattern. If you already found these signs, then you must immediately contact a professional contractor to perform sampling and testing.

asbestos testing in Sunshine Coast

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Part 1: 3 Steps To Do The Initial Checking

Keep in mind that when you see an ACM; you can’t saw it, cut it, break it, and not even scrub it. You need to handle it with care so that the fibre dust will not spread anywhere.

You can follow this guidance to identify fibrous materials in your property:

  1. Identify the age of the building: The first thing you need to do is to find out about the building’s age. Recently built buildings, which are built after 2003, are mostly safe from ACMs. So, if your building was built before this year, you better watch out! You may have hazardous materials on your premise.
  2. Look for the signs of damaged ACMs: If you have figured out the age of the building, now check the condition of your ACM products. If the condition is still good, then it’s usually not dangerous. But, it’s a completely different story when fibrous materials products get degraded. Damaged fibrous products are very dangerous since friable materials can easily go airborne. So, no matter what the condition is, it’s better for you to have them tested by professional assessors.
  3. Make a wise decision to test the suspected area: Start making a decision wisely! It is better to have your property checked by experts regardless the condition of the existed fibrous materials in your building. Who would have known if they get weathered already? Therefore you have to ensure yourself that you are safe from the dangers of ACM. Get professional removalists to perform asbestos testing Sunshine Coast today.

Also, check this resources:

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  3. ABC online

Part 2: Get Yourself a Professional Contractor Right Away!

You don’t need to worry about searching the right contractor to do asbestos testing Sunshine Coast works, start connecting with us! Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast is home to experts who are specialised in handling asbestos! There’s nothing that our endorsed members couldn’t do; they have a valid A-Class license and are highly experienced. They strive to deliver quality services at great costs – every time.

There’s no reason for you to put your call on hold anymore, because:

  • Our endorsed members deliver the works in accordance with local and national regulations: The government put great attention on fibrous materials issues. Therefore, they released strict regulations surrounding fibrous materials issues. A careless handling of fibrous materials can lead to criminal charges and fines. Solve the problem you have by getting help from our experts. Our members will deliver the works safely. They have been through extensive training to be able to handle all jobs – in the most secure manner.
  • We selectively choose members with A-Class certification: We only endorse A Class-licensed experts who are certified by the relevant institutions. So, you don’t need to bother yourself doubting whether or not you get the right contractor. We help you to get real experts in no time.
  • We make it easy for you to connect with experts: We make it easy for you to find yourself a professional contractor in a straightforward process. We save your time by offering only the best professional contractors in town. So, dial the numbers or get your free quotes nowhere in our page!
  • They give excellent services at reasonable prices Our endorsed members strive to deliver excellent quality services at great prices. Whether if the project is in a commercial or residential setting, they can deliver asbestos testing works safely. So, leave your worry behind, and start connecting with our experts now!

Part 3: Extensive Services of Asbestos Testing Sunshine Coast

There’s no need to waste your time searching for any other experts; we connect you to them right away! Our members are competent in handling fibrous materials. They know exactly how to manage these hazardous substances.

These are how they deliver the jobs:

1. Collect samples in the most secure manner

Our professional contractors provide certified and accredited technicians to take samples from your property. They collect all samples needed thoroughly to obtain a representative laboratory result. Moreover, all the works are conducted in the most secure manner. They will make sure that there is no contamination to other areas within your property. After they are finished with sampling, the contractors will get all samples tested.

2. Test the samples through NATA certified laboratory

The government advised homeowners to conduct asbestos testing by a certified assessor. The only laboratory with NATA certification is able to conduct the asbestos testing process. The government does not recommend homeowners to use DIY kits for sample testing.

The result will define what kind of fibre substance exists in the building, whether it is friable or non-friable. Often, the result also followed by the fibre types, chrysotile (white fibre), amosite (brown fibre), or crocidolite (blue fibre). Once the presence of fibre material is confirmed, they will record all of the contaminated areas. Afterward, they may discuss the next step to be taken, that is the removal process.

3. Non-building materials testing

Our approved members also provide asbestos testing Sunshine Coast services to carry out the works in the environment surrounding the main property. The process includes soil and sediment testing to check the contaminated soil and water bodies.

4. Site decontamination

Our professional contractors can perform decontamination process, which may include:

  • Providing consultation to determine the suitable decontamination method;
  • Sterilisation of all facilities, tools, and equipment being used for testing;
  • Handle the disposal of toxic waste as well as the transportation to a legal landfill site;
  • Perform air monitoring to ensure that the area is safe to be reoccupied.

Save your time, save your pocket. Our members are here to help you. Start getting connected with our experts today! Get up to 3 quotes from trusted removalists in the sunshine coast region.