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Asbestos Roof Removal Sunshine Coast: a Tough Job to DIY

Was your property built before the mid-1980s? If so, there is a high chance that it has asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) inside. If not, don’t make a quick judgment that your building is completely free from fibre.

The production of fibrous materials was banned entirely in December 2003. So, there’s still a chance for having ACMs products in your building, even if your house was built after the 1980s. Moreover, fibre products come in many forms. Here in Australia, you can usually find them as roofing materials.

It is easy to get exposed to fibre roofing since it is located outside the building. Especially, when the fibrous materials get weathered. They can easily go airborne and get blown away by the wind. Eventually, the fibrous materials may spread all over the environment and give threat to the neighborhoods.

Sunshine-coast asbestos roof removal

You must take an action immediately to prevent all the risks of being exposed to ACMs by removing them safely. Asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast works can be delivered safely by professionals only. Because there are some equipment and gears you need to have to conduct the job properly. Therefore, DIY jobs are strictly prohibited.

Always keep in mind that improper handling of ACMs can lead to criminal charges and fines. There are regulations which control ways to handle ACMs; start from the testing process all the way through the disposal of the harmful wastes. Thus, instead of getting yourself stressed out by these regulations; it’s best for you to leave the works to professional contractors!

Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast to the Rescue

Do you know how to handle fibres safely? Get yourself a professional contractor! It is dangerous to assume that you can solve the harmful substances problems all by yourself. Ceiling extraction process is complicated. However, professional contractors have the capability to finish the jobs safely, effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, don’t let yourself get the risk of being exposed to fibres. Trust Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast to find the most suitable expert to deal with your fibrous roofing problems. We only endorse reputable and reliable removalists that can deliver the job in the most secure manner. The job will be carried out thoroughly. Our members will initiate sampling and testing before performing the ceiling elimination process.

Why you need the services from our members:

  1. Only reputable and reliable contractors are approved to be our members: There’s no need to get stressed out searching for the right expert. Here we only endorse professional contractors who have undergone an extensive training to get A-Class Certification. They deliver high-quality services to remove fibre ceiling in accordance with the local and national regulations. Our members always manage to fulfill their client’s needs.
  2. They are certified to handle all types of projects: Our members can do all jobs – no matter how big or small the scale is.  They can deliver asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast services in residential to the commercial level. Rest assured they will perform your job satisfactorily and at the right cost.
  3. They give excellent services at reasonable prices: Feel free to have a consultation with our professional contractors about your budget plans. They are eager to deliver excellent services to fulfill your needs.
  4. We put your safety and health as our top priority: Our contractors perform all jobs according to applicable guidelines and codes. We care about your health and safety, therefore, we only endorse professional roof removalists. Safety doesn’t happen by accident, so plan your roof removal project now!

Roof inspections: information and checklist

The main reason why you need to hire an expert is to ensure a safe work process. A pro removalist will do their best to prevent further ACM contamination to the surrounding environment.

Keep in mind: Your neighbor’s health and safety are also at stake! This is why it’s important to leave the work to the experts.

The Government of Australia encourages homeowners to get professional removalists to handle asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast works. Thus, we connect you to our members who are specialised in removing contaminated ceilings. Moreover, only A-Class licensed removalists can ensure a safe removal work. Visit QLD Government guidance.

Why you need a roof inspection?

Why do you need to do an ACM sampling and testing on your ceiling? Because you can’t see ACMs by naked eyes.  Furthermore, not all of roofing materials were made with ACMs. Thus, an initial inspection on the ceiling is important to do the roof removal process right.

Don’t check your ceiling by your own! You need to handle ACM products with special care. Get in touch with our approved removalists to ensure a safe sampling and testing. They will perform sampling then have it tested in an accredited laboratory. Safety is a mission, not an intermission. Get connected with our experts now!


  • Check all accessible and inaccessible areas in your ceiling
  • Looking for obvious signs of deterioration or damage
  • Take pictures of all the suspected material and put them in your asbestos register
  • Take samples from the suspected material
  • Test them in a NATA accredited lab (
  • Deliver a report to you

Safely remove and replace all of the harmful ceilings

A lot of preparation needs to be done to conduct a single process of ACM roof removal safely. Starting with putting on a set of safety gear and use proper equipment to execute the job. Thus, stop wasting your time to think that you can handle it by yourself. Get yourself an expert and have it finished right away!

Professional contractors will ensure homeowners that they deliver the asbestos removal work safely. They will perform encapsulation processes to keep your house and the environment safe.

Encapsulation is a process of covering any broken materials with a special adhesive to prevent hazards. After the encapsulation process finishes, then the ACM extraction procedure will be started.

Briefly, the asbestos roof removal Sunshine Coast work will be conducted as follows:

  • Seal the areas, where the roof extraction process will take place, with plastics.
  • Spraying soap and water mixture to the suspected material to prevent dust generation.
  • Restrict the working area from people without safety gear.
  • Start the process from the top of the ceiling with proper tools.
  • Keep all removed ACM ceiling wet.
  • Put all of the harmful wastes in sealed plastic bags.
  • Put away safety clothing in sealed plastic bags.
  • Perform a new and safe ceiling installation based on your request.

step to remove asbestos roofs

They can also dispose of the waste for you!

You can’t dump ACM products carelessly, even to your regular garbage can. Moving and dumping the harmful waste illegally can lead to fines and criminal charges. By using our endorsed contractors’ services, this process will be done completely in no time!

Our approved experts are here to give you quality services – at a great value, every time! They are eager to fulfill your needs by conducting the jobs properly. Have another day by being safe today.

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