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How much should you worry about asbestos?

Since most Australian homes built before 2003 have asbestos-containing materials (ACMs); You better start questioning yourself whether your house is free from ACMs or not? Don’t waste any more time living under an asbestos-contaminated house! Take action now by having an expert to perform asbestos removal Sunshine Coast work at your property.

Asbestos used to be one of the most popular building materials in the past, due to its ability to resist fire and heat. This harmful substance was usually mixed with other material, such as cement, to produce a better quality product. You can find ACM products everywhere; including in piping, roofing, sheet flooring and even behind your walls.

Sometimes, it is okay to just leave fibre products instead of removing them. But, you need to check their condition regularly. Once they get weathered, you and your building occupants are at risk of fibre exposure. This is why, in some cases, it’s better to safely remove them from your building.

asbestos removal Sunshine Coast

Don’t even think to remove them by yourself. ACM products need extra care in handling. You can’t break, cut, saw, crush, or even scrub them! These hazardous substances are friable. Improper handling can lead to a serious health disorder that can cause death.

The Government of Australia encourages property owners to seek help from professionals when they are dealing with ACM products. Illegal asbestos work can result in huge fines.  This is why it’s better to just leave the job to the experts!

List of sections

Part 1: We keep you safe from the invisible threat!

Part 2: Have a safe space with asbestos removal Sunshine Coast services

Part 3: What to expect from an initial inspection?

Part 4: Total removal of fibrous materials

Part 5: Dispose all waste in a lawful site

Part 1: We keep you safe from the invisible threat!

How to keep yourself safe from ACM threats? Simply by getting professional help. A professional will carry out asbestos removal Sunshine Coast works safely and in accordance with current regulations.

Through Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast, you can find trusted removalists to remove asbestos products from your working or living space. They will deliver complete fibre extraction works in the most secure manner. So, worry no more since our members will save you from the hidden danger that threatens your life!

Reasons why you need to contact our professional contractors now:

  • They are vast experienced and highly skilled: We endorse A-Class licensed contractors who have been through extensive training to deliver high-quality services. They conduct asbestos removal works according to proper safety procedures. They have a vast experience in ACM industry.
  • They deliver quality services at a great value: Our experts will openly discuss their working plan to fit your budget. They are eager to give excellent services to meet your needs and expectations.
  • They do all types of projects: They can handle all fibre extraction work, regardless of the scope of the project. Our experts can do all type of the jobs since they are fully A-Class Licensed. They are capable of handling friable materials from residential to the commercial level.
  • Your health and safety are our highest priority: Does safety have your attention? We do! We put your health and safety as our highest priority. Thus, our experts bring you the best services to keep you safe. Our members will extract all fibrous products and handle them with care.

Part 2: Have a safe space with asbestos removal Sunshine Coast services

You can’t do a friable fibre extraction work yourself. Only a licensed contractor can perform the work. They will also prepare a thorough asbestos removal Sunshine Coast plan.

Find trusted contractors through us! We will connect you with trusted removalists to handle your fibre extraction works. Rest assured they will deliver the work accurately. Our experts provide you with complete services to finish all work safely and quickly.

There are three steps that need to be done to eliminate the hazardous products from your space:

  1. Performing an initial inspection
  2. Eliminating all fibrous materials from your property
  3. Disposal of hazardous waste

Part 3: What to expect from an initial inspection?

It is better to assume that you have ACMs in your property. Therefore, you have no more excuse to conduct a total inspection in your working or living space. Fibrous materials are invisible to naked eyes. That’s why the only way to safely find it out is to have all suspected materials get checked. Checking the presence of fibres is not as easy as it looks. You have to take samples and get them tested in a certified laboratory.

Don’t stress yourself; save your time and energy.

Get connected with professional contractors through us today! Our members will conduct an initial inspection, including fibre sampling and testing. All jobs will be done according to current safety procedures.

Part 4: Total removal of fibrous materials

To safely remove all ACMs in your space, you must wear safety gear and prepare proper equipment. Instead of wasting your time preparing for this equipment, start saving it by getting yourself an expert!

Professional contractors will ensure your safety by bringing you quality services – at a great price. Before conducting any asbestos removal work, they will cover the working spaces to prevent wider contamination.

Then, they may perform these following processes:

  • Containment: Our members seal off the contaminated rooms to prevent airborne particles spreading to other areas.
  • Removal: Our endorsed experts will perform all of the removal process in the most secure manner. They will also securely seal the waste bags and dump the harmful materials lawfully.
  • Vacuuming: After the removal process is completely done, the removalist will clean the room and make sure that there is no debris left behind.
  • Air Sampling: Last but not least, our contractors will check the contamination level in the air. Our members will perform sampling and make sure that the entire area is now free from asbestos.


Part 5: Dispose all waste in a lawful site

Don’t bother yourself with the consequences and criminal charges you may face for an illegal dumping act. You can simply leave the disposal jobs to our endorsed contractors. They will dispose of the fibrous materials in the most secure way.

So, think smart before you start removing any ACM products from your place. A little mistake could cost you more than it should or even worst. Our endorsed members are willing to keep your working and living space free from ACMs.

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