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Avoid fines; manage asbestos properly!

Although asbestos is a common building material and very useful in the construction industry, the fact remains that it is not a healthy product and its hazards might outweigh its benefit. But the fact that it’s embedded in almost 2/3 of buildings across Australia, there is the need for measures on how to handle it to reduce its damages.

Sunshine coast asbestos management plan

Since fiber material is a product of nature, it naturally doesn’t pose any threat to humankind. The problem arises when the substance gets disturbed and microscopic fibers particles become airborne. The fibres can get inhaled and that is when they area threat to human health. Prolonged exposure to fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. This becomes a basis for expensive lawsuits, which a lot of companies are involved with right now.

When a company fails to protect its employees from the risk of fibre exposure, or not having an in-place asbestos management plan (AMP), huge fines await.  The fine can be as high as $150,000 for a corporate as an act of noncompliance. However, having an AMP in-place is not just about fulfilling the legal requirements or avoiding the fine. By having a sound AMP for your business, you ensure your employees’ safety from the potential hazards of fibre exposure.

This is why it’s important to contact an expert to create an asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast.

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1. What’s included in the management plan?

2. Manage ACMs with the right pro

3. Steps required for a sound AMP

What’s included in the management plan?

An AMP can help you to manage asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your building so that fibre exposure can be prevented. It must be made to locate identified, assumed or naturally occurring ACMs in a building. Here are some important issues that must be included and addressed in the AMP:

1. Communication plan

First is the communication plan, which is very essential. Stickers should be put on every ACM item indoor or outdoor. The staff must be warned to stay away from the plant room. In a case where the staff finds any damage on the surfaces of materials or equipment, they should contact the engineer to first undergo asbestos testing.

The building contractor must be warned about a pipe insulation, fire door panel or cement that might have friable ACMs. The painter must be warned about the insulation and the ACM-insulating board panel located in plant rooms. The electrician must be warned about the ACM-containing switch box screwed onto the ACM insulating board panel.

2. Action plan

Secondly, is the action plan. It’s a document that often contains five columns. The first column states where the ACMs are present; they may be inside or outside the building. Second, it identifies the primary product affected by fibrous materials, like doors, floors, roofing and fencing products, ceiling tiles or electrical switch box.

The third column contains the appropriate action to be taken, like repairing or even none. The fourth column contains the time limit of the action chosen to take place. It has the date by which the action should be taken. The fifth column contains the individual responsible for undertaking the action, maybe a building contractor, electrical contractor or engineer.

3. Site plan

Thirdly, the site plan, it is an image representation of the house, sketched on paper. It contains a list of the areas within the house that contain or may contain ACMs. It also contains the specific areas affected by ACMs in the listed rooms.

4. Asbestos register

Fourth is the asbestos register. A company should own this document that states; the place, product affected, how much of the product is affected, condition, ease of access, comment, material score and the priority score for ACMs within the building.

See an example of this document here: The Victorian Government


Manage ACMs with the right pro

Fibrous materials pose as health risk when released in the air, inhaled and ingested. ACM-related works must be licensed as not everyone is qualified to work with this hazardous substance.

Top 3 reasons why you need to contact our contractor members:

  1. We offer an easy procedure: We understand that finding a trusted contractor is not easy. This is why we aim to make it easier for you to find professional and competent A-class licensed contractors. Our endorsed members are selectively screened; rest assured they are fully A-class licensed and have what it takes to deliver a sound asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast to you.
  2. Our members take all projects seriously: Whether you need an asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast service for your residential or commercial premise; our approved removalists can help! Their team of professionals is committed to delivering quality works for you.
  3. Quality results, value costs: Their dedication to providing client with exceptional quality services is what sets them apart from others. They strive to help and provide you with quality services at value prices – every time. They also offer you with 100% free quotes before the beginning of every project.

Steps required for a sound AMP

Here are services provided by our contractor members:

1. Developing a detailed AMP for your business

Our endorsed members will create an AMP that set out clear objectives; stating what, when, and how things are going to be done. The plan will be accessible to your employees or construction workers who are working at your premise.

They may perform asbestos sampling, inspection, and testing before developing an AMP for your business. Our approved assessors or occupational hygienists may check all accessible area in your building including roofs, fences, ceilings, sheets, and floors.

They may also remove the fibrous materials and further dispose of the waste safely in a lawful site. Our members also offer other unique services such as training courses that focus on asbestos awareness and management as well.

2. Creating or updating your current asbestos register

If you don’t own an asbestos register, our members will create this document for you. However, if you already have one, they will check you current register and update it whenever jobs are done on ACMs, such as repair or removal works. They are going to ensure that your register stays in compliance with the new or latest regulations.

3. Conducting periodic reviews when needed

As stated in the national and local guideline, the AMP should be reviewed a minimum of once every 5 years. Our contractor members may do the review process sooner when:

  • A contaminated material is damaged, removed, disrupted, needs to be cleaned
  • The current control measures are no longer adequate for handling ACMs at the site
  • An official representative from the health and safety department asks for an evaluation in certain circumstances.

Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast will connect you with great A-class licensed contractors to create an excellent asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast for you. Our contractor members specialise all types of ACM-related works for commercial, industrial and residential projects. They aim to deliver excellent services at competitive prices for all clients.

Save your time, save your energy. Through Asbestos Watch Sunshine Coast, it’s so easy to be connected with trusted A-class licensed contractors who provide excellent asbestos management plan Sunshine Coast services.

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